Justice and the Supreme Court

The Justice and Supreme Court Blog is an interactive and timely educational tool that gives you the freedom to publish content on our website. The intent is for you to effectively comment on the topic and provide accurate and factual information to assist our membership in recognizing and resolving issues in government and policy. Your participation with an accurate, appropriate and quality post will help us implement your ideas and those of other members into our Facebook Teams and our Advocacy Groups. You are welcome to join in the dialog.

The Citizens Policy Foundation is committed to reforming our federal Justice System including the Supreme Court and ending the partisan judgements based on religious and personal ideology. Something is profoundly wrong with the federal Court System and especially the Supreme Court when the popular dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court today is rooted in a fundamental belief that justices should be apolitical actors — neutral umpires who just call “balls and strikes.” The Supreme Court has devolved into just one more political institution.  In this age of extreme partisanship and polarization, the guardrails supporting our Constitutional system have fallen away.

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